GertJan Hofstede’s Slides…

… on “Modelling Social Processes” or to be precise what he would have shown if he was not so busy talking ūüėČ : Gert Jan Modelling social processes ABM Lorentz 2017 05 03


The participants

group photo - large.jpg

Left to right:

Vincent    Awotwe-Pratt
Melvin    Lippe
Ruth    Meyer
Carlo    Giupponi
Nick    Gotts
Gary    Polhill
Sara    Mehryar
Gary    Polhill
Nina    Schwarz
Maja¬†¬† ¬†Schl√ľter
Davide    Natalini
Bruce    Edmonds
Jule    Schulze
Mareen    Hallier
Peter    Barbrook-Johnson
Frank    Dignum
Geraldine    Abrami
Kevin    Thellmann
Gert Jan    Hofstede
Guillaume    Deffuant
Mike    Bithell
Christophe    le Page
Samaneh    Heidari
Themis-Dimitra    Xanthopoulou

(George va Voorn is missing, he had to leave early)