This is Lorentz Centre Workshop, based upon the following propositions:

  1. Mankind is having a huge impact upon the species with which it cohabits, maybe to the extent that we are causing a sixth major extinction of species at this very moment.
  2. To address this we need to understand how societies interacting with their local ecologies are either fragile or resilient to the impact of humans, structural change and other shocks.
  3. Thus, simulations are needed that truly integrate societal and ecological systems otherwise we may miss important complex interactions. Simulations allow us to generate multiple artificial ‘histories’ from which we can gain a deeper understanding of resilience.
  4. However, understanding and building theories from such ‘doubly complex’ simulations is challenging and requires new approaches and techniques in order to analyse them.
  5. In particular, assessment of resilience needs to be multi-scale in organisational level and space-time – it is no good saving global species variety if we destroy local niches or communities in the process; it is also no good aiming for system-level resilience if that does not provide sufficient and distributed resilience for the individuals in that system.

This workshop will address these issues and aims to provide a new impetus to researchers tackling them. It will aim to help overcome some of the interdisciplinary resistance to the kinds of simulations that might be necessary, and to start to develop some rigour for the few simulations that touch such complexity.